Hours:  Monday - Thursday 8am - 5pm              Friday - 8:am - 4pm Dental Practice Our Practice is up to date with all new technology we do general dentistry, crown, bridge, dental implants, dentures etc.

Bison Pemmican! Made with bison meat and 20% Saskatoon berries $4.50 per package

Bison Pemmican Blueberry and Italian Cracked Pepper $4.50 ea package

Bison Original Jerky 40g $4.50 ea package We can ship direct from our office!

Dust masks 50 per box $29.95

Automatic Dispensers With Stand $335.00

Foot operated Sanitizer dispenser $299.00

Foot operated Sanitizer dispenser $399.00

Trailrunners Labrador Retriever Puppies for Sale. We have Yellow, Chocolate, Black, and Fox Red Labs. Family Dogs or Hunting Dogs. 5 generations of CKC registered labs, all with hip, eye, and EIC clearances. Please call or e-mail us for information: (306) 469 - 8009

Dog training for all breeds starting at 6 months old. Basic obedience, grooming, anxiety and aggression, off leash, in house, quad, bike, boat, and swimming training available.

Pick up Gift Certificates for In-House Dining at our Restaurant and Pub at the beautiful Killarney Kastle.

New beginning January 2021! Prepared meal service. We offer pre-made meals accommodating your food preferences and budget.